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Emergency Notification Systems

Emergency Notification System

Does your business have an emergency notification system in place to alert employees of a pending or existing emergency? We at CCS value the safety of our employees and clients and we want to help you develop a safe work environment for your business by offering services such as installing an emergency notification system. Based on your business needs, the emergency notification system can be customized for you to reach the most people. Multiple communication channels can be set up to send out messages for varying emergency situations. Emergency notification systems are not only for government use; all organizations need a quick and effective communication system to announce emergencies and critical events. The Business Continuity Institute reports more than 50 percent of organizations use some type of emergency management system to reach their employees during a crisis. Making the decision to install an emergency notification system is a good investment to help protect your employees and keep them informed and safe.

Professionally Installed Emergency Notification System

At CCS, we offer high quality emergency notification system installation services. We are professional, reliable, and experienced. Let us assist with your next emergency notification system project. Request a free on-site estimate or call us directly at 423-279-7010.

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Emergency Notification System Installation Service.

Why an emergency notification system is the solution for your business:

Nothing is more important than speed when it comes to emergency alerts. When seconds count, you need an emergency notification system that can be activated quickly.

Customized Messages
It’s important to have the capability to customize the messaging you want to use with an emergency notification system. A template can help you create custom messages to fit your company’s emergency notification needs.

Audience Grouping
If your company has multiple locations, traveling employees, or remote workers, you will need an emergency notification system that will allow you to segment your target audience. Your messages and alerts may not need to be sent to every person or group of people. To ensure your messages and alerts are sent to the correct people, you will need to group your audience based on the types of messages you want to send.

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